Using An Escape Room Outing For Your Business

Escape rooms can be great for hosting a birthday party or a night out with friends, but they also offer a unique opportunity for businesses. Whether you are bringing on new employees or you simply want to build a better team, here are a few ways that an escape room can help.

Promoting Teamwork

Getting out of an escape room is a team effort, and having your staff work together to get out of the room can help them to learn team-building skills. Encourage your group to assign a leader, and then have that person delegate responsibilities. Your team will learn how to take direction from a peer while also learning how to collaborate together to solve a problem.

Building Relationships

Your employees may not actually spend a lot of quality time together in the workplace. From sitting at separate cubicles to being closed off in private offices, your staff faces lots of physical barriers that prevent them from getting to know each other. Spending time in the escape room not only gives your team a chance to work together, but also a chance to get to know each other better. According to the Harvard Business Review, research shows that workers are happier in their jobs when they have friendships with coworkers. Use an escape room experience to help foster these friendships, and you might just find it helps to make your employees more satisfied.

Breaking From The Workday Monotony

Consider planning your escape room event during the workday, and give your staff a break from the everyday routine of work. This gives them something exciting to look forward to, and it helps to make work a bit more fun. Plan to take the staff out to lunch or dinner after the big escape as a way to say thank-you for a job well done. This shared meal also gives your staff yet another opportunity to bond and become stronger as a team. Consider hosting an escape room event once a month or quarter to provide a regularly scheduled break from work, which can also give new employees the chance to get in on the fun.

As an employer, you want to look for new and exciting ways to keep your staff motivated and willing to work together. An escape room event for your employees offers a fun way to accomplish both, and it can also help to make coming to work a little more exciting too.

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