A Great Halloween Date

There are many different date ideas during Halloween, and many of them are going to scare and excite. Halloween may be the best time to go dating because of all the great activities to do with your partner. One way to have a great time with your partner is to go to a haunted house for a date. Many people might wonder why you would ever take a date to a haunted house because you do not get to talk to them, or get to know them. However, there are many reasons that you will want to take your date to a haunted house. Here are just a few reasons why a haunted house is a great idea for a date during Halloween time.

Another Side 

People argue that you do not get to know your date when you take them to a haunted house, but that is simply not true. In fact, you get to know a side that few if any people have ever seen of your date. You will get to know what they are like when they have a lot of adrenaline going through their body. You will see what their "fight or flight" reflex is. This can be a great time because many people react differently in these situations. They may get really truly scared, or they may handle the haunted house really well. 

Hold Me

If you are wanting to break the contact barrier this is also a great place to take your date. The odds are in your favor that your partner will jump and latch onto you at least once, if not more. If you have had a really hard time building up the courage to break the contact barrier this is a great way to get that out of the way. Often after a few scares and latching onto you, holding hands is no longer a big deal at all. 

The Laughs

The best reason that you should take your date to a haunted house is that the are ridiculously fun. A well done haunted house can give you the time of your life. You and your date, and friends will have all sorts of stories to tell when you are driving away from the haunted house. You will be able to tell the stories for years to come how, one of your friends, is terribly scared of clowns. There are just so many memories that can be made while in a haunted house.