Three AV Devices That Can Help To Reduce Your Stage Fright

If you're preparing to give any sort of speech or presentation to a group, you may be contending with feelings of stage fright. There are a lot of things that people can do to reduce or eliminate this feeling, including repeatedly practicing the words that you'll say and remembering to breathe and pace yourself. What you might not immediately realize, however, is that the right audio/video devices can also help you to conquer your stage fright. [Read More]

Marketing Career Too Much to Handle During PMS? A Survival Kit Can Help

You've studied for years to become a high-quality marketing professional and you have the skills necessary to stand out in your field. However, you often suffer from high levels of PMS-related pain and feel this agitation the most during work. Thankfully, you can overcome this stress by using a PMS survival kit whenever the cycle hits you too hard.  Marketing Is a Very Stressful Position Marketers are often expected to work near miracles for their clients in a way that can be very stressful. [Read More]

4 Reasons to Choose a STEM-Based Summer Camp for Your Child This Summer

Spring is the time to start looking into and signing your child up for summer camp. Summer camp isn't just about art activities and singing songs over a campfire: It is about teaching your child valuable skills in a fun environment. At summer camp, your child can learn nature survival skills, athletic skills, or science and technology skills. Keep in mind you can send your child to more than one summer camp, so they can have lots of opportunities to learn a wide variety of skills and have a lot of fun this summer. [Read More]

Want A Great Dance Experience At Your Wedding Reception? Consider A Hip-Hop Set List

Wedding receptions typically center around a lengthy period of dancing, including special dances with the bride, the groom, and their parents. However, the extended open dance sessions are often low key if poor music selections are utilized. Thankfully, modern music like hip hop can get more people to bust a move at your wedding. Dancing Matters At a Wedding Reception After the pomp and circumstance of a wedding ceremony, both the wedding party and the guests want the chance to have a little bit of fun. [Read More]