Planning On Attempting An Escape Room? Follow These Tips For Success

One of the latest entertainment trends these days is going to an escape room, where you have to use the clues that are provided to find a way out within the time limit. However, it is not a good idea to go into an escape room without any preparation. Follow these tips to not only ensure that you have success, but have fun as well. Go In With A Small Team [Read More]

Are You Organizing a New Year's Celebration for Your Friends? 3 Tips to Planning Memorable Parties

Ringing in the New Year with your favorite people is practically a guarantee that the rest of the year will be amazing. In 2020, there are tons of fun activities and events going on that night that can help you and your friends welcome the beginning of another year right. As the designated party organizer, you have a big responsibility on your hands to make sure that everything goes perfectly for you and your friends' big evening, and planning for a New Year's celebration is different from other types of events. [Read More]

Tips To Solving Puzzle Escape Rooms For Beginners

Escape rooms are the latest fun activity to do with friends and family. You can choose to play them online (alone or in a group), or you can head to an actual escape room. If you have never been to an escape room or played the game online before, it could be tricky to win the game. If you follow a few tips, however, you could be a pro in no time. [Read More]

Why Do Some Cities Allow Ground And Handheld Fireworks But Not Others?

Wholesale fireworks for consumer use can be a touchy subject; a patchwork-quilt approach best describes state and city laws. You can find areas that allow consumers to buy almost any firework that can be packaged as well as areas that don't allow consumers to buy any fireworks, such as San Diego County in California. Many municipalities have hybrid laws that allow some forms but not all. One common distinction is made between handheld and ground-based fireworks and those that shoot up in the air, and the airborne ones are illegal for consumer possession and use. [Read More]