3 Fun Tips For A Blu-Ray Marathon Viewing Party

Getting a complete TV series on Blu-ray is something to celebrate. Whether it's a modern favorite TV show or one that you just loved growing up, there is something so fun about ownership of an entire television show. Box sets often come in cute designs and nearly always with special features that will be new to even hardcore fans of the shows. Here are some fun tips for having a marathon viewing party of your new Blu-ray box set.

Play Up a Theme for Your Marathon

No Matter what TV series that you are delighted to own on Blu-ray, there is an awesome theme that can be enjoyed to complement the TV show. For example, if you are going to watch the entire series of a well-loved sitcom about friendship among Manhattanites, you could make the coffee house or even friendship itself an important part of theme. If you are watching a drama series about great-looking teenagers in love triangles, you may opt to have a Valentine-themed party.

Go all out and get party favors. Prepare an easy trivia game to match the show's subject matter. Cook up recipes that match the theme, and you may even watch a sneak preview of some episodes so that you can serve what the characters eat on the show. That will make guests smile.

Make Plans for an Entire Night, Week, or even Month

Some TV series have gone on for over a decade. It would be impossible to get all the episodes in during one night, but you may opt to have a week-long marathon where you and your buddies get together to watch episodes for several hours at a stretch each day.

Alternately, you may schedule a few weekends throughout a month. The scheduling options are endless for coordinating some fun marathon viewing. Do it your way, but schedule it in a way that is fun for everyone and helps you enjoy the whole series to the max.

Encourage Everyone to Come in Costume

Invite guests to come in costume as their favorite character from the show. When you get a TV series cheap, that leaves plenty of money for a cool costume. Let guests know that they are not allowed to share who their favorite character is with other party-goers prior to the gathering. That will add to the fun. It will be funny if everyone goes as the same character or if you wind up with one of each character in the show. This can go a long way to amp up the fun factor for your gathering.

Finally, keep in mind that this is all about adding to the fun. Having a complete TV series on Blu-ray will free you up to visit with your favorite television characters any time you want. You will own all the episodes and can re-watch at your leisure. You may even want to throw the party again next year.

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