Top Tips for Choosing a Resort

One of the best ways to spend your holiday is in a resort hotel. A resort offers entertainment, sports, and accommodation services to enhance the guest experience. However, the diversity of resorts increases the dilemma of choice. In a hospitality industry where most resorts market themselves as the best destinations, how do you select the ideal place? This post offers critical pointers to consider when booking a resort. 

1. Customer Reviews 

Customer reviews provide first-hand information about guest experience in a particular resort. This information is usually available on hotel websites, social media platforms, and travel and destination sites. On such sites, customers share their good and bad experiences. More so, the resort has an opportunity to respond to the claims, especially on service failure. Thus, the independent review can help you assess service quality expectations in a particular resort. 

2. Location

There are multiple considerations to make when it comes to the resort location. Most resorts are located upcountry and in coastal areas to provide an escape from busy urban life. Thus, consider how accessible the location is from the nearest ports. More so, the type of resorts varies with the location environment. These types include beach, mountain, forest, savannah, and desert resorts. Typically, the guest experience and leisure activities available vary with the type and location of a resort. 

3. Amenities

The level of customer satisfaction depends on the amenities offered. An ideal resort provides spacious and luxury rooms fitted with spa bathrooms, air conditioning, and internet systems. In addition, the resort should have a restaurant offering a wide variety of quality food. The facility should also provide sports and fitness amenities like a fully equipped gym and swimming pools. These indoor and outdoor amenities help to enhance guest comfort, physical exercise, and convenience.

4. Maintenance

Consider booking a well-maintained resort. In this case, do an online review of the facility using available pictures and videos. Then, consider doing a quick inspection before you check in. You can tell a well-maintained resort based on the lawn gardening, the state of the structures, and painting. Inspect whether the locks, switches, taps, and flash toilet work. More so, check for cleanliness, primarily stains on the walls, mounds in bathrooms, and even bugs. 

5. Entertainment 

Entertainment is usually the highlight of a memorable holiday. Thus, book a resort with entertainment. For instance, indoor entertainment may include rooms fitted with TV screens and music systems. The guests can also indulge themselves in casinos, disco rooms, and pubs. Outdoor entertainment varies with the type of resort. In this case, a mountain resort may offer skiing while beach resorts organize for boat excursions and snookering. Thus, book a resort with entertainment.

The listed considerations will enhance your guest experience in a resort. Remember, just because you are staying in a resort does not mean you will get entertainment. Select a resort that offers entertainment products.