4 Bonuses Found On Horror Vinyl Collections

When you purchase a horror vinyl soundtrack, you know you will get to listen to the whole musical score. Many of the records also come with bonus content that allows you to expand beyond the music featured in the movie. As you shop for horror motion picture soundtrack vinyl collections, consider some of the bonuses you should look for.

1. Audio Scenes

Listen to some of your favorite moments from horror movies when soundtracks insert audio scenes between tracks. The scenes are often pulled directly from the film and may feature part of the soundtrack as part of the audio mix. You can hear memorable quotes, kill scenes, and some of the loud screams often found in horror films.

The audio scenes will often go in chronological order with the soundtrack if the scenes are featured on the vinyl record.

2. Liner Notes

One of the best extras found with vinyl records is liner notes. Typical liner notes may include the song credits for each track. Movie soundtracks can expand upon the music to tell stories of how the music connects with the movie in many ways. You may find details from the movie directors and creators on how music played a big part in the creation of the film.

The liner notes could include quotes from the creator and how specific song decisions were made to help heighten the sense of fear. The liner notes may be printed directly on the record or come as a pull-out sheet of paper.

3. Flip-Out Covers

Another way the liner notes may be featured is through a flip-out cover. A vinyl record may include a flip-out flap that contains extra artwork and details. You can see poster art, screenshots from the movie, and detailed behind-the-scenes information. Some flip-out covers may include bonuses tucked inside like movie posters or collectible booklets.

Some of the covers may include special finishes like holograms or foil print-outs.

4. Expanded Themes

A horror movie may not have the allotted screen time needed to showcase full horror movie tracks. When you purchase a horror movie vinyl soundtrack, you may find expanded themes that go on for much longer than featured in the movie.

You could enjoy full songs and expanded versions of the scores you already know. Some records may include alternate tracks or tracks used for different cuts of a film like a director's cut.

As you shop for vinyl records, read the full description to see if the record contains any of the extras.