Promoting Your Brand With Video Content

If marketing statistics are any indication, video will be a big part of everyone's internet experience sooner than later. Studies indicate that roughly 80% of all consumer content across the web will soon consist of some type of streaming video media. Whether this means mobile web content or video across social media or a traditional website, you need to keep video content as a central part of your marketing strategy. In order to make this happen, follow the tips below. 

Start figuring out what kind of video you would like to create

You'll need to begin thinking about your company and what sort of content will be best for your business and brand. By figuring this out on the front end, it'll be easier to start creating the strategies that are useful to your company for the long haul. The best case scenario for your video content creation strategy is to have a dedicated film crew. One of these film shoots can cost you upwards of about $8,000 for a 3-day shoot with a small crew. Having a helping hand with your shoot is worth every penny. 

A great way to go about this is by getting your hands on a film crew management software platform that lets you schedule things accordingly. This software will let you put the right crew members in place and properly schedule out all of your shoot days. Having access to this shoot-planning software will also help you acquire the resources that you need, from audio and video equipment to food for the cast and crew. The software will also help you to keep track of rentals and contracts. 

Set up the right strategy for your video content

Once you have a film crew in place and start putting together video, it's important that you also have some strategies for how you'd like to put out your video. This will allow you to put out video footage across a number of platforms, which is great for your search engine optimization (SEO) and will allow you to really ramp up your traffic. Creating great video is one of the best ways to really get some results in your Google searches so that others can find your business.

Be sure that you are spreading your video out among various platforms and doing your due diligence every time that you create the multimedia that will help you promote your brand. Look for film crew management software or apps that will meet the needs of your company.