Three AV Devices That Can Help To Reduce Your Stage Fright

If you're preparing to give any sort of speech or presentation to a group, you may be contending with feelings of stage fright. There are a lot of things that people can do to reduce or eliminate this feeling, including repeatedly practicing the words that you'll say and remembering to breathe and pace yourself. What you might not immediately realize, however, is that the right audio/video devices can also help you to conquer your stage fright. Visit your local AV rental service, discuss the type of speech or presentation that you'll be giving and the venue at which the event is taking place, and then consider renting the following device.


One of the biggest concerns that you might be experiencing if you're suffering from stage fright is that you'll forget what you want to say or lose track of your place in your speech. Few things can seem as humiliating as stumbling over your words while the audience looks at you. Practice can reduce this risk, but don't be afraid of also turning to technology for some assistance. A teleprompter is a device onto which you can load your speech and read it as it scrolls past on a screen. The presence of this device can go a long way toward bolstering your confidence.

Lapel Microphone

Stage fright can be highly disruptive because it can cause you to constantly think of new things that may go wrong during your speech. If you suffer from sweaty hands when you're nervous, you might start to imagine the humiliation of dropping the microphone, resulting in a loud noise that frightens the audience. A simple solution to this stage fright-related concern is to get a lapel microphone. It will clip onto your clothing with ease and remain in place until you're off the stage.

Backup Microphone

You generally shouldn't have to worry about any issues with your lapel microphone, as your local AV rental service tests each piece of equipment before renting it out. However, if your stage fright is such that you're worried about the mic failing, simply rent a backup microphone. Any standard type of microphone will do, and you probably won't need to use it. However, having it turned off but otherwise ready to go on a podium or table on the stage can help you to release the fear that you'll have a technical problem that will prevent people from hearing you.

Contact an AV rental service for more information.