4 Reasons to Choose a STEM-Based Summer Camp for Your Child This Summer

Spring is the time to start looking into and signing your child up for summer camp. Summer camp isn't just about art activities and singing songs over a campfire: It is about teaching your child valuable skills in a fun environment. At summer camp, your child can learn nature survival skills, athletic skills, or science and technology skills. Keep in mind you can send your child to more than one summer camp, so they can have lots of opportunities to learn a wide variety of skills and have a lot of fun this summer.

Sending your child to a STEM-based summer camp has a few specific advantages. A STEM-based camp can help your child get exposure to ideas they may not be encountering in school. It will help prepare with important 21st-century skills, and it will provide them with an opportunity to explore.

#1 Exposure to New Ideas

Schools have to meet an ever-growing list of educational standards each year. This ever-expanding list of standards, combined with the length of the school day and budget restrictions can result in things such as science and technology not getting explored to their full potential in the classroom. Although this is not true in every school district, many students do not get the same robust instruction for a variety of reasons in technology and the sciences that they may get in reading, writing, or math. A STEM-focused summer camp is a great way for your child to be exposed to age-appropriate science and technology ideas that they will not encounter in school. This will be new and engaging material for your child.

#2 Learn 21st-Century Skills

The list of jobs that one can do now includes many occupations no one was even considering twenty years ago, from app makers and social media influencers to internet marketing and the creation of new technology. There are so many skills that are necessary for succeeding in occupations that may not exist until your kids are adults. Your child needs to be able to interact with and use technology, they need to be able to communicate and collaborate, and they need to be innovative for the job market they will face as adults. STEM-based summer camps can help your children acquire some of the skills they will need to succeed in the workplace down the road.

#3 Opportunity to Explore

Summertime is about exploring, being creative, and having fun. Don't be fooled by the idea of a science lecture when you think of STEM summer camps. STEM summer camps are hands-on learning experiences where your child will get to be active, explore, and be creative. For example, your child could make and launch a rocket. They could learn how to draw cartoons and turn them into 3D animations or learn how to design games. They could learn all about being a veterinarian and even get some hands-on practice. These camps are just as fun and engaging as other summer camps with many additional chances to learn and grow.

This summer, as you sign your kid up for summer camps, be sure to include a STEM-based camp in your child's summer schedule.