Want A Great Dance Experience At Your Wedding Reception? Consider A Hip-Hop Set List

Wedding receptions typically center around a lengthy period of dancing, including special dances with the bride, the groom, and their parents. However, the extended open dance sessions are often low key if poor music selections are utilized. Thankfully, modern music like hip hop can get more people to bust a move at your wedding.

Dancing Matters At a Wedding Reception

After the pomp and circumstance of a wedding ceremony, both the wedding party and the guests want the chance to have a little bit of fun. That's why dancing is such a vital part of the wedding reception experience.

Fun and high-energy dancing will invigorate everyone and provide a welcome outlet for social interaction. As a result, creating an unforgettable dance experience is important, as is choosing the best music to express this experience.

Hip Hop Provides Many Dance Possibilities

Although rap music is often quite edgy and challenging to many listeners, the groove-based production methods often produce excellent and diverse styles of dancing. Just as importantly, the "hip hop dance song" trend is one that remains strong, with multiple dances being created to celebrate a variety of different song releases.

These dances may not inspire older generations at a wedding reception but will flood the dance floor with younger people. In this way, a hip-hop-oriented list of songs can help to draw a larger number of people onto the dance floor than expected and make the experience more fun for all involved.

Great Songs Hip Hop Dance Tracks

Creating a hip-hop song list for a wedding reception requires doing a lot of investigation. After all, many rap and hip hop tracks are very dark, gritty, and serious. Nobody wants to dance to a song like "Changes" by Tupac or "Tearz" by Wu-Tang Clan. Although excellent tracks, both are very despairing and could ruin the mood of the reception.

Instead, a reception dance should focus on high-energy tracks with dense productions, simple melodies, and basic hooks. For example, "Laffy Taffy" by D4L may have one of the simplest beats and most basic set of lyrics in hip hop history, but people will get on the dance floor when it comes on. Similar songs, like "Stanky Legg" by GS Boyz produce a similar dance-floor feel.

The best way to ensure you get an incredible set of hip-hop tracks for your wedding reception is to contact a wedding DJ as soon as possible. These experts will talk to you about what songs you want and create a thoughtful range of tunes that keep people on the floor.