Young Adult Mystery Novels May Help Teach A Love Of Reading

Building a solid love of reading in a teen can improve their education by tapping into their curiosity and making it easier for them to study. Often, it takes finding a genre or series that intrigues their minds and makes reading more enjoyable and exciting. For example, a young adult mystery novel series could be just what a teen needs to learn to love reading and become a better student. 

Why Young Adult Mystery Novels Are a Great Reading Option

Young adult mystery novels may be the perfect "starter" reading option for teens who don't enjoy books. They're designed to capture a teen's attention and enthrall them in the unique stories each book presents. Just as importantly, high-quality young adult mystery novels feature:

  • Relatable Characters: Young adult mystery novels often focus on characters teens can enjoy, such as detectives their age. In this way, the teen can feel more engaged with the book than with anything their teacher assigns them in class.
  • Fascinating Stories: Mystery novels are often intriguing to teens because good ones possess deep mysteries that are very complex and hard to figure out. Many are also action-based, meaning that the plot moves quickly, and the young adult doesn't have time to get bored.
  • Recurring Plots: Most mystery novels include recurring plots and characters that make them seem part of an epic universe. Storytelling often taps into the mind's need for myths, and young adult mystery novels may connect stories in fun and fascinating ways for teens.
  • Short Reading Times: When reading books in class, teens can feel overwhelmed by the length of books and uninterested in any that take too long to read. Most young adult mystery novels are compact and can be read in an afternoon, giving a teen the time to do other things.

Some parents may find packaged novels highlighting a specific character, plotline, or series. These packages are a great option because they provide a young adult with multiple books at a reasonable price and provide a consistent and interesting 

Choosing a Great Series

The number of outstanding young adult mystery novel series on the market today is considerable, meaning it should be easy for parents to find something that suits their teen's needs. For example, there are young detectives of just about every race, gender, sexual orientation, and personal interest throughout these novels. Therefore, finding one a teen likes often focuses on finding the most relatable series.

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