Use Sparklers During Your Wedding Reception

A sparkler is constructed of a metal or wooden stick that is coated with a flammable mixture. A lit sparkler will burn slowly and emit a cascade of colorful sparks. Familiarize yourself with some sparkler varieties. Select some sparkler products that can be used during your wedding reception.

The Product Type

A fireworks shop may feature standard, color-changing, and jumbo-sized sparklers. Standard products are thin and short. They will remain lit for a couple of minutes. A standard sparkler typically emits sparks that are one color.

A color-changing product contains a flammable coating that has been dyed. Various dye colors may have been added to the length of a sparkler. As a sparkler burns, different-colored sparks will be released from the wand. Jumbo-sized sparklers include double or triple-dipped products and extra -ong wands. A product that has been dipped multiple times will release a more powerful light display than a single-dipped sparkler.

A sparkler that contains an extra -ong wand will stay lit much longer than a standard sparkler. Some sparklers contain food-grade wands and attachment pieces. These types of fireworks can safely be used to decorate the top of a cake or a beverage holder.

Sparkler Uses During Your Reception

Use sparklers during group photographs or to signify the arrival of the bride and groom and each member of the wedding party. If you are going to request that your guests use sparklers during a group activity, place one sparkler on each place setting that comprises the dining area where your guests will be seated.

Supply each table with a device for lighting the sparklers and instruct your guests to pass the lighter around to the other people who are seated at the same table. If young children will be attending your wedding reception, purchase some LED sparklers for them to use. This type of sparkler is battery-operated and will not contain a live flame.

If you are going to use a series of sparklers for a visual effect that you would like your guests to observe, have your wedding coordinator set up a light display that is within the area where your reception will be held. Once the sparklers are lit, you, your spouse, and your wedding party can be led into the room where your guests are seated.

You can also hand the sparklers out to each person who will be formally announced during the reception. Consider how long you would like the sparkling effects to last when choosing what types of sparkler products to purchase.