Why Your Next Family Vacation Should Be An Outdoor Themed One

Vacations are perhaps the time most families look forward to in their calendar each year, with many people taking at least a week or two off to relax with their loved ones. However, most of the time these holidays pick the same few destinations: a different city, a cruise, or maybe even just a timeshare nearby. While these holiday ideas aren't bad, they don't offer the same family attractions that you can find outside, in the great outdoors. There are so many options when you start looking at nature, and not just the traditional beach or lake holiday. Here are three family attractions you should consider that are primarily based outside.

High Ropes Course

While this might seem more like your worst nightmare rather than a holiday, there is nothing more exhilarating or satisfying than conquering the heights on a high rope course. Not only do most of these high ropes courses have many different levels so you don't have to be a fitness freak to complete them, but they also offer facilities for most ages too! This makes them great for a family excursion or a full-on family holiday based on trying out everything they have to offer!

RV Vacation

Taking a holiday together in an RV is something every family should at least try once. Not only do most families who do try an RV vacation end up taking many more in the future, but they get to explore so many more off the beaten path activities. From small towns with great food and quirky attractions to beautiful natural vistas across the many national parks that allow you to stay at them, there are so many options when it comes to an RV vacation. Be careful, some people end up loving them so much they purchase an RV shortly after! 

Water Parks

If there is one activity that virtually all ages love it is swimming and enjoying all the rides at the closest water park to your hometown. But why not expand on this, and take a little tour of all the best water parks in your state or even across your part of America? There are dozens of options that often have very different rides, themes, and dining options. While some rides will be at multiple parks, often they still will have very different executions of the same rides, which makes them feel new anyway! Most water parks also offer great deals for nearby hotels if they don't have any onsite accommodation.