Outdoor Ideas For An East Coast Wedding

One of the biggest decisions you will have to make if you are planning a wedding is the reception venue. If you are someone who fancies the idea of an outdoor wedding, and you are located on the east coast, then you have quite a few options. The main thing you will want to do is determine the budget, travel restraints, as well as your ideal type of reception. Below is a list of three cool outdoor wedding reception venues that are all fun for couples on the east coast who are planning their big day.

A Beach Front Restaurant On Long Island

If you and your fiance live in the New York City area, then you might want to look into wedding reception venues that are located out on Long Island. There are plenty of really beautiful locations on Long Island that have an open space near the beach where you can host your wedding reception. You might look towards the North Shore, where you will find places located right on the lovely Long Island sound. Or, if you prefer a large, expansive view of the ocean, you will look to wedding venues that are on the south shore, perhaps a venue in the Hamptons. These locations are close to New York City, so it won't require a long trip for you or your friends and family.

A Modern Hotel In Miami's South Beach

If you live further south, or maybe you are having a wedding during the winter and would like an outdoor venue and need a warm location, then look no further than South Beach. There are some really amazing hotels located right on the beach, where you can host your wedding reception and have a great time. The beautiful thing about South Beach, aside from the fantastic temperature, is that you will also have a really fun environment. You can find venues with large outdoor dance floors and tremendous speaker systems so your guests can dance the night away outdoors, next to the beach, and have a memorable time.

A Quaint Open Air Wedding Venue On Martha's Vineyard

If you want something less intense than a wild South Beach wedding reception, and you're not hosting your event during a cool part of the year, then consider somewhere such as Martha's Vineyard. The atmosphere in this area is much more laid back than the hustle and bustle of a place like Miami, but you will still get amazing outdoor views. This is the perfect situation for someone who wants their guests to enjoy an outdoor wedding reception but who doesn't want to go full out on a big city locale. The outdoor venues in Martha's Vineyard are much more laid back and will be the perfect spot for a chill, yet fun event.

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