Three Outdoor Adventures That Can Serve As Perfect Date Activities

If you're looking for a memorable date idea to enjoy with someone you've recently started dating, there are better ideas than going to dinner and watching a movie. Instead, think a little outside the box — and consider a unique activity in nature. Having an outdoor adventure as a date can not only provide you and your partner with some fun time together, but can also help you to bond as you conquer the challenges that your outdoor adventure may throw at you. Here are three types of adventures that can serve as perfect settings for your next date.


If you live near a body of water, think about renting a couple of kayaks on a sunny day. You'll enjoy paddling along the coastline or, if you're a little bolder, setting off in search of an adventure. You may also wish to think about packing a picnic. You can then look for a quiet spot on an island to stop and eat together. Or, you might wish to pack your swimsuits, find a beach somewhere, and go for a dip. When you're renting your kayaks, you may have the option of one boat with two seats — go for individual kayaks, though, as the two-seat option can be a little challenging to control together and may lead to some arguments.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is a perfect idea for two people who are active but perhaps haven't done any mountain biking. You don't need to live near any actual mountain ranges — even in hilly areas, you can often rent a pair of mountain bikes and set off for a day of adventure. Speak with someone at the rental shop to get a recommendation for a trail that suits your athleticism and experience with cycling; the last thing you want is to end up on a trail that is too challenging, and find yourselves huffing and puffing instead of enjoying the time together.


Dating during the winter months can easily fall into a rut of the same indoor activities. However, it's nice to get outside on a sunny day and enjoy a date in nature. Consider a day of showshoeing. You can rent snowshoes without spending much money, and then enjoy navigating a local hiking trail or even just walking around the fields of a local park. This activity provides a solid physical workout, making it ideal for couples who are both active and enjoy the idea of being active together.