Strategize Before Heading To An Escape Room

The adventure and excitement of an escape room makes them worth the admission charge, but the goal for every team is to be the fastest. Setting a new record, outpacing a previous attempt, or at least beating the clock is the best outcome. Each room is a little different, but many are designed similarly and are easier to solve with a little organization. Here are some tips about the type of strategy a team needs to meet this challenge. 

Establish the Team

Choose who is coming and make a note of any special skills each person may have. Assign people as the leader of the tasks that meet their abilities. This could be someone who excels at word puzzles, a math wizard or the person with the best mechanical skills. In addition, chose a team leader. They will keep everyone on task, keep an eye on the clock and ask for hints when they are needed. Make an agreement that time will not be wasted arguing or voting on whether a solution is worth trying. The team leader should make the decision about what solution is attempted. 

Make a Plan

Decide what order to search the room to avoid wasting time by researching the same sections. Go clockwise, counterclockwise or whatever other method makes sense, but make certain everyone is aware of the plan. Search the room from top to bottom, and do not neglect to look through everything. Avoid common time wasters like lifting ceiling tiles, putting on clothing in the room or trying to force open drawers or cupboards. 

Insist on Sharing

All clues or potential clues need to be verbalized loud enough for the entire team to hear. This means that everyone will have the ability to connect clues they have with those being found by others. This is why it is important to choose people that are team players rather than a crew full of competitive individuals that want to solve the puzzles on their own. Even the team leader needs to share what they discover. 

It is important to not bring too many people. It may be true that having more minds working on the puzzle will broaden the knowledge base of the group overall, but too many people crowded together in a room will make it easy to miss valuable information. Additionally, keep senses sharp by avoiding consuming alcohol and eating large meals before attending. Remember that the simplest answer is often correct and avoid overcomplicating the puzzle.