Five Retro Video Games Perfect For Beginners

If you're a modern video game enthusiast who is new to the concept of retro video gaming, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. After all, with the plethora of video games available on today's market, it may be hard to understand the appeal of the ones that started it all back in the 1980s. However, the games that were produced back then were of extremely high quality. [Read More]

Using An Escape Room Outing For Your Business

Escape rooms can be great for hosting a birthday party or a night out with friends, but they also offer a unique opportunity for businesses. Whether you are bringing on new employees or you simply want to build a better team, here are a few ways that an escape room can help. Promoting Teamwork Getting out of an escape room is a team effort, and having your staff work together to get out of the room can help them to learn team-building skills. [Read More]

A Great Halloween Date

There are many different date ideas during Halloween, and many of them are going to scare and excite. Halloween may be the best time to go dating because of all the great activities to do with your partner. One way to have a great time with your partner is to go to a haunted house for a date. Many people might wonder why you would ever take a date to a haunted house because you do not get to talk to them, or get to know them. [Read More]

3 Fun Tips For A Blu-Ray Marathon Viewing Party

Getting a complete TV series on Blu-ray is something to celebrate. Whether it's a modern favorite TV show or one that you just loved growing up, there is something so fun about ownership of an entire television show. Box sets often come in cute designs and nearly always with special features that will be new to even hardcore fans of the shows. Here are some fun tips for having a marathon viewing party of your new Blu-ray box set. [Read More]